Simone / Simone's Fundraiser

Simone’s Fundraiser


In times of conflict in the Middle East, people facing violence and displacement urgently need assistance. War in Syria has displaced one million people, with hundreds of thousands of refugees now in neighboring countries. They are living in camps enduring extreme poverty with scarce access to doctors or health care.

“Midwives speak the same language; the language of women and the language of peace.” – Tamam Olwan, Palestinian midwife

My name is Simone Lance and I am a Midwife and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. This November, I am traveling to the West Bank, Israel, Jordan, and Turkey with Circle of Health International (COHI) to deliver babies and provide health care to mothers in these conflict and refugee zones.

In Jordan, Turkey, and Israel we will give life-saving supplies to Syrian, Sudanese, and Eritrean refugee women and their babies. We will also train local health professionals in emergency obstetric care and breastfeeding support.

Simone Needs Your Help!

Simone hopes to raise $25,000 to buy medical supplies, pay for the trip, and provide the resources these mothers need. Your donations will help me supply sterile birth kits, resuscitation equipment, medications to prevent hemorrhage, solar suitcases for rural clinics, and other necessary medical supplies for training local midwives. These providers deliver babies for refugee women who otherwise have no access to health care.

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Please support this campaign by donating at the highest level you can afford. All funds raised over our goal of $25,000 will go directly to support the Syrian people living in the Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan, as the situation in Syria is escalating and this is an especially dangerous time for expecting mothers.

Spread the Word!

After you donate, take a moment to share this campaign! Post it to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Tell your friends, family and colleagues to support this great work. All donations are tax-deductible.

As of Saturday, Oct. 26, please use THIS LINK to donate. (The “donate now” button is not functioning. Thank you for your patience as this technical issue is resolved.)


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