Middle East Delegation, Day Four


On the fourth day of the delegation our group split into two groups. Rasha and I headed back to D’leil with our cameras. The first portion of the day was spent capturing footage of the center we had been visiting as a gift to them. Next we went onto to interview individual women.

The first interview was inside the home of a family who had a very intense experience within Syria and crossing to Jordan. We were not permitted to capture footage, but I am grateful for the experience of sitting with them and listening. I will write more about this woman’s story in a later post.

In the next home we visited, we were able to capture footage, though the women there were veiled with their backs to the cameras during the interviews. It was a lovely, welcoming home to visit, much different than the first. The women were stricken by their experiences and I look forward to telling you their story in a later post.

The rest of the delegation went to the Royal Health Awareness Society Community Clinic in Madaba. They also visited the Shababna Youth Project. Then they stopped off at the Dead Sea.


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