Middle East Delegation, Day 5

Today the delegation again worked as two different groups. The film crew stayed in Amman and we visited with Syrian refugees living in the city.

The other delegates spent the day in the Gaza Palestinian refugee camp in Jeresh. Their role was hearing women’s medical issues and answering questions. Then, they finished the day offering a CPR and first aid training for the staff of the rehabilitation center and mothers in the camp. About 40 women came to the trainings. They had a large group discussion and then held private conversations so the women could talk openly. Lev was honored that the women were so open with him, a man from the west. There was a line to talk each of the three delegates.

Lev’s highlight was acting out CPR on a large Hello Kitty doll. He also remembers when the women with the niqab (face coverings) would giggle and laugh and ask questions and fully participate in conversations and he could only see their great joy through their eyes. “When the translators finished the women would turn to us and speak directly to us in Arabic as if we fully understood them (which we sometimes did),” Lev said. “This is truly becoming a peace mission through the medical work we are doing. May the rest of the trip continue to bear such fruit. Insha’Allah, may it be God’s will.”

Syrian refugee, 8 months pregnant
Age 28, 4 children

DSC_1356A rare laugh on set

Circle of Health InternationalSyrian refugee, 2 months pregnant with her 12th child
Circle of Health International

Circle of Health InternationalJessica and Rasha at work. It’s been a true meeting of the minds!

Circle of Health International
Circle of Health International

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