150x150Circle of Health International is leading a team of four delegates to the Middle East in November and December 2013. The purpose of the delegation is to provide capacity building opportunities and hands-on clinical aid for organizations working with Syrian refugees who have fled their country. The team consists of a midwife, an emergency medical technician, a nurse and a film maker. The delegates will work with COHI’s collaborating organizations in Jordan, Israel, the West Bank and Turkey. They will provide workshops on secondary trauma for health care workers, first aid, emergency obstetrics, gender based violence and community organizing, among other topics. COHI’s focus as an organization is on building relationships between delegates and collaborating organizations, strengthening and increasing skill capacity on both sides and providing a forum for cultural exchange and open discussion.

The “Delivering Peace” Delegation to the Middle East marks the 8th delegation that Circle of Health has led. COHI has a long history of leading delegations of women’s health and public health professionals to visit our field sites and support our partner organizations. We are continuing this tradition to our current work in the Middle East.

The 2013 delegation will travel to Turkey, Jordan, the West Bank, and Israel for 21 days to volunteer and provide supplies and equipment to local allies. We invite you to browse through the “Countries” page to find out more about the issues facing these nations and why COHI is needed. You can also browse through the “Field Partners” page to learn more about how COHI partners with other organizations to fulfill our mission.

Delegates from around the world will be joining COHI to Deliver Peace. We invite you to get to know them through their individual pages and their blog posts.


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