35221_547408606930_5521358_nMichelle Jones / COHI Director of Programs
I am looking forward to the Delivering Peace Delegation to the Middle East because I believe that women, children and families everywhere have the right to affordable, quality reproductive health services. Refugee families especially have difficulty accessing good care. COHI has 10 years experience in leading delegations to provide training and care to those affected by crisis. I am especially looking forward to learning first-hand about the lives of the families I will meet and being able to speak knowledgeably about their needs to my peers so I can help get others involved as well.

Nancy BarryNancy Barry / COHI Core Functions Director
The Delivering Peace Delegation to the Middle East is an incredible moment for my personal development. I look forward to the many opportunities I will have to learn from the women and communities that we will be serving. I hope to gain a broader understanding of the people suffering through the Syrian conflict, the Eritrean refugees, learn as the delegates perform their life-saving skills and meet our partner organizations in the field. This delegation is a an opportunity for me to be an ambassador for peace.


Jessica Christian / COHI Communications Director
My contribution to this delegation will be to tell the story of the work of COHI and the delegates, and those of  the women we affect. My personal call to this journey is to be able to show up and hold light and bear witness to these struggles, and I am humbled by the opportunity. I have the chance put action to thought and say to my children, to my country and to the world that all of us on earth are connected. That we are all each related as sister’s at each moment, no matter where we are on the globe. This journey will make that connection immediate and relevant.


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